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Repossession means losing your vehicle and the payments you’ve made on it. If you’re having difficulty making vehicle loan payments, learn how to avoid a repossession, and learn what steps to take if, despite your efforts, your vehicle is repossessed in Massachusetts. Read here: https://bennerwei...

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A short sale is one option homeowners have for avoiding a foreclosure. Short sales take place when a property owner sells his or her property for an amount that is less than what the property owner still owes on the mortgage loan. Learn more about short sales by reading here: https://bennerweinka...

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If you are unable to pay your taxes, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can impose penalties on you, so it’s good to know how the IRS collection process works. To learn about that process – and to learn how a Massachusetts tax debt attorney may be able to help you – read here: https://bennerweink...

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Your current financial situation (even if temporary) may be making it impossible for you to be able to meet the terms of your original mortgage agreement. A loan modification (of the original agreement) can allow you essentially to “make a new deal” with your mortgage company so that you can curr...

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Many who file for bankruptcy in Massachusetts recently have been – or still are – seriously ill or severely injured. Especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, bankruptcy filings are expected to increase – in Massachusetts and every other state – in the foreseeable future. To learn more, pl...

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You may even have to fill out a new application, but the more organized your records are, the more successful you will be at solving this serious issue. Your Massachusetts bankruptcy or loan modification lawyer will be invaluable in this step of the process. They will make sure that your plan is ...

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Time limits will apply to when and how often you may have your debts discharged in second and subsequent bankruptcies. Filing for bankruptcy too hastily after discharging debts in a previous bankruptcy can make you ineligible for a second debt discharge.
Filing a second bankruptcy too quickly wil...

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The first letter that the IRS sends will tell you exactly how much you owe, which will include the original amount of unpaid taxes in addition to penalties and interest accrued on this balance. This letter will also tell you how long you have to pay this balance in full. If you can, it’s best to ...

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a year ago
Attorney Thomas Benner is a highly recommended name in the business. He is thorough, thoughtful and will place you and your family's needs above those of other Attorney's just looking to grab your money or close another deal! Over the years, he has earned a reputation that is worthy of great review. Should you need an Attorney with long time experience and a kind heart that is conscientious and truly cares for the client and his reputation, I highly recommend you give Tom your time and the chance to prove his skill and worth to you and your family. He is great at what he does! Thank you Tom, for taking care of so many folks who have been taken advantage of by the system, banks and other Attorney's that's just don't care about folks that need someone like you! Your reputation precedes you! Very Truly, Marc M.
- Marc M
a year ago
The process of looking for the right attorney was daunting and restless. Mr. Benner was a god sent, we are so grateful we were able to connect with him. He and his stuff went above and beyond with every steps, and resourceful. They not only resolved our issues, they saved our marriage! Mr. Benner, I can’t thank you enough, THANK YOU!
- Jeffery L
a year ago
Attorney Benner is excellent. I highly recommend him.
- Eva F

Best Bankruptcy Attorney in New Bedford

Do you cringe when the phone rings? Are creditors and bill collectors harassing you? You owe so much money that you find it hard to imagine being able to get out from under ever again. You probably even have trouble sleeping, and so does your family. What you really need is someone who can help you get out of that mess.

If you have questions about bankruptcy, how it works, and whether it could be the right solution for you, we have the answers. We have helped thousands of families get out of debt. At Benner & Weinkauf, we understand the tough situation you’re in and we’re committed to helping you. Imagine being able to reclaim your peace of mind. You could have a healthier financial life once again, with more than enough money to pay your bills every month – comfortably.

At Benner & Weinkauf, P.C. we offer the following services to our clients:

  • Asset protection 
  • Chapter 13 
  • Eliminating second mortgages 
  • IRS tax payment options 
  • Lien release 
  • Reposession 
  • Tax penalty relief 
  • Credit card debt relief 
  • Debt negotiation 
  • Foreclosure prevention 
  • IRS tax settlement 
  • Loan modification 
  • Short sales 
  • Tax resolution 
  • Chapter 7 
  • Deft relief 
  • IRS relief 
  • Levy garnishment 
  • Rebuild credit 
  • Debt collector harassment 
  • Wage garnishment

Contact Benner & Weinkauf today and let’s take a look at your situation. We’ll be able to find the best option for you.

What Happens if I Declare Bankruptcy?

You may be worried about what will happen if you declare bankruptcy. So here are some answers… The first thing that will happen is the “automatic stay.” It essentially stops bill collectors in their tracks. They’re no longer allowed to harass you. It also stops any other collection activities, including garnishments of wages and money being taken out of your checking accounts. It gives you room to breathe.

Next, you have to go to court and file the proper paperwork. You should know that if you file for Chapter 7, many of your assets may be used to pay your creditors. However, you’ll also be able to keep certain assets. The intent of bankruptcy is not to leave you destitute but to enable you to make a fresh start.

If you have more assets that you want to keep, and if your income is above a certain limit, you may have to file for Chapter 13. This involves a payment plan over 3 to 5 years.

How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?

Considering that you file bankruptcy because you’re broke, you may think that it’s a bit ironic that you have to pay a filing fee as well as some other fees. Then again, most things do cost money. And if the fees cause you real hardship, you may be able to pay them in installments.

In addition, there may be other costs, especially if you hire legal representation. Just keep in mind that having a competent attorney by your side will probably save you a much larger sum of money in the long run. After all, it will likely result in a successful bankruptcy and the discharge of your debts.

Another item in the “cost” column is that you may have to give up some of your assets when you file for bankruptcy. They will be liquidated and the proceeds distributed to your creditors. Just remember what you’re getting in return… relief from debt and a chance at a new start.

Is Filing for Bankruptcy Worth It?

Filing for bankruptcy is always a tough decision. Will it be worth it? Consider that your life may be a constant struggle with bills you can’t pay. You’re probably struggling to take care of your family and can’t even afford some necessities. In that case, your quality of life may well go up once you file for bankruptcy.

You may also be worried about your credit score. True, bankruptcy has a rather detrimental effect on your credit score. However, you’ve probably lived through years of financial struggles, along with constant late fees and possible collection activities. Those may well have lowered your credit score to the point where bankruptcy might actually raise it, if not immediately then at least fairly quickly, once your debt has been erased.

The biggest benefit comes from an increased quality of life, though. After being hounded by creditors for months and maybe even years, you will be able to answer your phone without worrying about rude creditors harassing you. 

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